Building our reputation on keeping families safe through the toughest conditions on earth. Hurricanes, High Winds, and Tropical Storms.
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We offer PGT and WinGuard® products as the best-selling brand of impact-resistant windows and doors in America.

Single Hung

Movable bottom sash slides open vertically. Pre-tensioned spiral balance system provides smooth, easy operation.

Double Hung

Removable/movable top and bottom sashes that slide to open vertically. Constant force balance system for smooth, easy operation

Horizontal Roller

Sashes positioned side-by-side to allow window to open and close horizontally. Available in 2- and 3-lite configurations


Fixed (non-operable) windows used in conjunction with the Casement or Awning window for matching sight lines. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Hinged along the top, it can be opened by turning a handle. A multi-point locking system for adds strength and security for all configurations.

Picture Windows

Provides maximum amount of light and can serve as standalone or companion window. Installation screw covers provide a complete, clean appearance.


Fixed (non-operable) windows used in conjunction with the Casement or Awning window for matching sight lines.

Hurricane Protection

Tested to withstand repeated impact from 2’ by 4’ beams traveling at 34 miles per hour, and followed by hurricane-force winds. Even if the glass is damaged, it remains securely in its frame, keeping the elements outside..

UV Protection

The clear interlayer used in WinGuard® Aluminum products filters out 99% of UV rays, helping your furniture, carpet, artwork, and drapes retain their original beauty.

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